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Light In The Attic 24 Hour Electrician

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About Us

How many lights do you have in your house? Need any more? Story 24 Hour Electrician offers light fixture installation as well as a long list of other electrical repair and installation services. We’re here to serve renters, landlords, residences, and commercial buildings alike. We’re your friendly neighborhood electric crew. Give us a call if you want to talk shop, or if you’re just ready for us to go to work. No matter what time you call, there’s always going to be someone on the other end of the line.

Our Services

Your house goes dark, but your neighbors’ lights are on. Strange. If you’re experiencing an isolated or partial power outage, give us a call. We offer circuit breaker repair as well as electrical panel replacement. We do wiring repair, too, whatever it takes to get to the root of the problem. Want more than one way to turn a particular light off and on? We install light switches. We also offer outlet installation, if you need more places to plug your devices in.

Work Hours

Here for all your electrical needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Service Area

We are an electrical installation and repair shop that can be found in Flushing, and we are available to assist the county of Queens